solutions for banks

Do IT, being partner of SoftClub, presents solutions for banks.
Automated banking system (ABS)
"SC-BANK NT" for corporate business:

  • Centralized bank management: maintenance of single standard reference information and single card file of bank's customers;
  • Automation of the main business processes of working with clients;
  • Document management;
  • Maintenance of accounting records and management accounting records;
  • Maintenance of loan and deposit portfolio;
  • Interaction with payment systems;
  • Treasury Operations Processing;
  • Monitoring and management of banking risks;
  • Personnel Management;
  • Preparation and development of regulatory and management analytical reporting;
  • Financial planning and budgeting of the bank.

"SC-Retail" for retail business:

  • Automation of customer service management;
  • Automation of accounting for transactions with retail products on accounts;
  • Providing private customers with access to various service channels when using retail products of the bank.
Mobile and internet banking
For corporate business:

  • Informational main page;
  • Easy access to documents;
  • Working with documents from the statement;
  • Simple access to accounts;
  • Individual events calendar;
  • Management of multiple companies;
  • Setting of approvals and document signing level.

For retail business:

  • Bank account control;
  • Payments for arbitrary requisites;
  • Info services;
  • Management of all bank products (cards, accounts, loans, safety deposit boxes, etc.);
  • Convenient payments (quick payments, one-button payment);
  • PFM (Personal Financial Manager service);
  • Gamification;
  • Marketplace, individual applications through notifications;
  • Personalization, VIP-services;
  • Demo mode;
  • Multi-channel customer support;
  • Analytics of client activity in Internet banking.
SC-Cash Fusion software platform for cash management
  • Planning and monitoring of inventory balance in Bank's storage;
  • Centralized control of cash balances and cash turnover of Bank vaults and cash departments;
  • Centralized monitoring of financial and technical condition of ATMs;
  • Monitoring of actual cash withdrawal in ATM;
  • Values transfers transactions between cashiers;
  • Cash transactions with customers;
  • Cash services for legal entities;
  • Provision of services for cash collection and transportation;
  • Routes, brigades, transportations;
  • Analytical forms / reports.
SC-ETPBANK electronic trading platform
  • Single information space of the bank;
  • Single Platform;
  • Online bidding;
  • Online translation of quotes;
  • Flexible system.
SC-Check "Reconciliation of client data" software platform
SC-Check software is designed to minimize the threat of legal, financial and reputational risks by providing information about individuals and legal entities performing financial and other operations as a result of reconciliation of specified persons and entities with a database of individuals and legal entities built on the basis of lists of sanctions.


  • Provides information on affiliation with lists of sanctions of individuals and legal entities performing financial and other operations;
  • Conducts reconciliation of the specified persons with DowJones databases.
SC-Archive electronic archive
SC-ARCHIVE system is designed for automation of filling and managing archives of electronic documents, provides reliable and long-term storage of documents.


  • Distributed storage of documents;
  • Operational inspection of documents integrity;
  • Flexible management of content access and effective search;
  • Transparent for user consolidation of documents, including those stored on different physical devices;
  • Automatic registration of documents by inventory;
  • Selection and disposal of expired documents;
  • Acceptance of content in various formats for storage;
  • Built-in task scheduler;
  • Creation of archive metadata according to the content of documents;
  • Forming forms of appearance of documents;
  • Optimization of storage volumes.

Application solutions

  • Archive of accounting documents of the bank;
  • Centralized archiving of documents in electronic form;
  • Archive of closed accounts;
  • Centralized archiving of information on closed accounts and related transactions;
  • Content-addressable storage;
  • Centralized archiving of unstructured content.