management of business meeting

BoardMaps enables Boards, executives and committees to focus their meetings on driving critical initiatives and programs.

BoardMaps is intended for large and medium companies, private equity funds, commercial structures and State administrative bodies.

BoardMaps allows easily preparing for meetings and sessions, raising issues for discussion, appointing executors and responsible persons and controlling task execution. At this, all necessary information is available in single window mode on iPad or on any PC through the browser.
Corporate management
  • Coordination of date, place and time of meeting;
  • Tons of materials! Approval/ receipt / replacement of materials;
  • Notifications;
  • Confidentiality;
  • Roles and Access;
  • Law and Procedures;
  • Protocol - Generate and Approve;
  • Tasks - Distribute and Control the execution;
  • Managers' requests;
  • Organizational issues.
Features of the system
  • Organization and carrying out any type of meetings: full-time meetings, distance meetings and meeting in absentia;
  • Access to the most up-to-date version of materials in offline mode (background synchronization);
  • Making modifications and inserting comments in materials;
  • Built-in tools for controlling the current status of meeting preparations;
  • The system of notifications of meeting participants (notifications, pop-ups, mail distributions);
  • Considering one issue in different collegial bodies;
  • Calendaring and scheduling the meetings;
  • Instant messaging with participants;
  • Online broadcasting of meetings and presentations;
  • Voting on various draft decisions on issues raised;
  • Automatic generation of Minutes of Meetings;
  • Overall control of assignments;
  • Integration with document workflow, 1C and other internal IT services;
  • Data protection and access control: AES encryption, secure protocol;
  • Access to regulatory documents of the company and business units;
  • Detailed information about participants and the structure of business units;
  • Implementation of brand elements in the system's interface: logo, corporate colors;
  • Cloud licensing model and Server licensing model.
Screenshots of the system

Video presentation of the system