data capture

Do IT offers services for the implementation of documents streaming and data recognition systems. These systems are designed for organizations in which large number of similar documents containing monotonous information is processed every day.
Problems and Pre-requisites
  • A large flow of documents, including financial documents;
  • Documents are processed manually;
  • Several remote document processing centers;
  • High financial costs and labor costs for searching and processing documents;
  • Errors in processing documents and entering data into the system.
Description of the Solution
The quality of customer service and efficiency depend on the speed and accuracy of processing the documents. Document streaming and data recognition systems allow quick scanning of documents and recognizing the necessary scope of data from documents.

Data input and data recognition process consists of the stages of scanning paper documents, processing the received images and / or the electronic documents, recognizing text and numerical values in fields of document, recognizing barcodes and subsequent conversion of the recognized information into the required format for transferring to the archive or other information systems for storage.
Key advantages
As a result of the successfully implemented project, we achieve the followings:
  • reduce the cost for documents processing (through reducing the number of employees involved in the data input process);
  • speed up the data input process by 3-5 times compared to manual input;
  • predict the project's payback within 6-8 months;
  • improve the quality of customer service;
  • reduce the risk of loss of documents and ensure their confidentiality.