Enterprise content management SYSTEM

WSS Docs is an enterprise content management system (ECM) based on Microsoft SharePoint, which automates all standard workflow processes.
In our opinion, WSS Docs has the most flexible and powerful functionality on the market of electronic document management systems on the base of Microsoft SharePoint.

The distinctive features of the WSS Docs ECM are high performance, reliability, ease of use, elaborated and powerful functionality of the system.

Key advantages for business
  • Transparency of business processes;
  • Business becomes manageable;
  • Enhancement of reliability and confidentiality of information;
  • Performance discipline level increase;
  • Reduction of time spent by employees and managers;
  • Staff qualification upgrade;
  • Team work with documents.
System features
  • Customizability of various document flow processes in holding companies;
  • ECM system modules of various companies are closely integrated within the single system;
  • Standard document flow processes consider holding's structure;
  • Functionality that allows operation of the solution even in case of change of company structure and staff schedule;
  • Dynamic substitution system;
  • Possibility to change the document route "on-the-go";
  • The system allows you to create 10,000 documents per day (3.5 million per year)!
  • Changeability of documents processing processes to meet business needs;
  • Extensibility of the system's functionality achieved through installing ready-made modules, developing new modules and in virtue of flexible system of settings.
This is the system for all business divisions
  • Control over the execution of tasks for all types of documents;
  • Extended reporting on the performance discipline;
  • Preparation and approval of minutes of meetings.
Administration and General Department / Document Control Department
  • Maintaining files nomenclature and registration logs;
  • Classification and registration of incoming, outgoing and internal documents;
  • Passing resolutions, sending tasks and execution monitoring;
  • Control over location of original documents and issue of hard copies;
  • Preparation of reports on document flow in organization.
Legal Department
  • Preparation, approval and storage of contracts and additional agreements.
Human Resources Department
  • Approval of business trip requests and vacation requests;
  • Preparation and distribution of orders.
Procurement department
  • Approval of payment requests and their execution monitoring.
Screenshots of the system