Talent Management

WebTutor — is the system of complex automation of business processes related to selection, evaluation, testing and training of personnel, management of talents, systematization and storage of knowledge.
WebTutor Talent Management System
CourseLab electronic courses development tool
recruitment system
WebTutor system is distinguished by a modular approach which allows creating flexible custom systems, on the base of a set of software modules, the functionality of which depends on the tasks facing the customer.

As a result of implementation of the system, customer gets a portal available both on the Internet and on the Intranet. Distance learning and testing system, full-featured training or HR portal that automates all corporate learning and talent management processes or corporate information portal of the company can be built on the base of the portal.
What challenges does WebTutor meet:
  • Automation of all procedures, routine / repetitive operations;
  • Reliable continuity and consistency of information between all HR functions;
  • Maximum opportunities for comprehensive data collection and analysis;
  • Easy access to required information for company employees, partners, customers;
  • Involving and intuitively comprehensible social space - forums, blogs, surveys, feedback;
  • Organization of remote education, conducting webinars;
  • Transparency and relevance of data at any time;
  • Effective management of knowledge: single database, structured storage and instant search of information.
What does specifically automate WebTutor:
  • Personnel recruitment and adaptation;
  • Onsite or online training;
  • Conducting webinars and mobile training;
  • Evaluation of competencies and Performance Management;
  • Continuity management;
  • Succession management;
  • Knowledge management;
  • Gamification and social tools;
  • Chat bots;
  • Organization of communications.
Screenshots of the system

CourseLab – is a powerful and at the same time easy-to-use tool for creating interactive training materials (e-courses) designed to be used on the Internet, distance learning systems, CD-ROM or any other medium.

Key Features:

  • Developing and editing training material in WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) environment;
  • CourseLab is certified to comply with SCORM 2004 standard, compliance level: CP SCORM 2004 Conformant;
  • It does not require for an author to know HTML language or any programming languages;
  • Built-in test generation tools;
  • The object approach allows to build training materials of almost any complexity - like from toy blocks;
  • Open object interface allows to easily expand libraries of objects and templates, including those created by the user;
  • Built-in mechanisms for objects animation;
  • Possibility to insert into the courses any Rich-media content, video in various formats, etc;
  • Simple mechanisms for inserting and synchronizing any audio;
  • Possibility to import Microsoft PowerPoint presentations into training material;
  • Built-in screen capture mechanism, allowing to easily create simulations of work of various software products;
  • Simple built-in language for description of actions;
  • Additional functionality through direct JavaScript access to the object properties and to the functions of the course player offered to an experienced user.
The system is designed for HR departments of companies dealing with recruitment and for recruitment agencies. E-Staff Recruiter is a full-cycle system automating most of the routine operations in recruiting.

Functional capabilities:

  • Staff structure (for HR departments);
  • CRM (for recruitment agencies);
  • Vacancies;
  • Search of CVs on the Internet;
  • Import of CVs;
  • Work with candidates;
  • Statistics of recruiters' work;
  • Mobile application - call recognition;
  • Full list of features of E-Staff Recruiter system.