Enterprise content management for Small and medium businesses

WSS Docs Cloud is cloud based enterprise content management system (ECM), which automates all standard workflow processes.
The problem of document management organization is relevant for a company of any scale. However, the solutions presented on the market are mainly designed for large and large part of medium-sized businesses. Small businesses need "easy", simple and inexpensive solution. It's time to turn to the "clouds".
Problems and assumptions
  • Tasks for storing and approval of documents are resolved through e-mail, which is inefficient and inconvenient;
  • Some of the employees are "at a distance", and they do not have work places in the office. Accordingly, there is no possibility of remote access to documents and joint work on them;
  • The manager does not have a clear understanding of where the correct version of the document is, when and what changes were made to it;
  • There is no budget for the purchase of a full-fledged enterprise content management system;
  • There are no server capacities for implementing the enterprise content management system.
WSS Docs Cloud is a full-fledged enterprise content management (ECM) system for medium and small businesses that does not require large investments to purchase expensive equipment, time to implement the system, additional resources for technical support.

It is enough to make a request on the site to gain access to all the features and functions of the service:

  • Electronic clerical work (all types of incoming and outgoing documents, memos, orders, minutes of meetings, contracts and additional agreements, instructions / resolutions, normative documents);
  • Approval and control of the execution of contracts (Contract management);
  • Task management;
  • Document management of HR (applications for leave and business trips, orders);
  • IT-requests (Service desk);
  • Management of business meetings;
  • Automation of purchases;
  • Electronic archive.
Advantages of cloud based solution
  • Cloud based solution does not require any costs for the implementation of the system. WSS Docs Cloud is a complete solution that contains everything you need. Once logged in, the user will find folders that are customized for the company's activities, see the main, often used types of documents and a convenient solution for viewing them. All documents already incorporated in the system cover most of the needs of any small company, and if necessary they can be adjusted.
  • You do not need to pay for technical support or hire a system administrator, since this type of service is already included in the cost of the license.
  • There is no need to purchase and further technical support for expensive server equipment to deploy an ECM system on it.
  • There is no need to overpay for the period of using the system. Flexible licensing policy will help you choose your type of subscription and specify the required number of users. When you increase / decrease the number of employees, you can easily predict their costs for using the system.
  • WSS Docs Cloud solution is hosted and supported by experts at a national or foreign date-center with Tier3 high level of security and availability of the SLA service of 99.95%.
  • Access your system from your computer, tablet or smartphone at any time, no matter where you are.
1. The price includes basic technical support (system updates, troubleshooting).
2. The initial setting includes:
  • Setting up 2 processes (for example, registering incoming documents or approval of on 1 type of contract);
  • Training for administrator (3 hours) and users (3 hours).
Advanced technical support
We also offer advanced technical support services:
  • Description and configuration of additional business processes;
  • Preparation of regulatory documents;
  • Provision of oral and written consultations.
Note: system improvements (requiring developer involvement) are evaluated individually and are not included in the specified advanced technical support packages.
Screenshots of the system