iSpring e-learning solutions

iSpring solutions consist of three directions: iSpring Learn, iSpring Suite Max and iSpring Market.

The functionality of these solutions allows to launch online trainings in the shortest time, create interactive tests, simulators and other materials for distance learning.
It also allows to organize the work of a "turnkey" online school without involving a large number of the specialists.
iSpring Learn
iSpring Suite Max
iSpring Market
iSpring Learn
A cloud solution that does not require the installation on the company's in-house servers. In order to get started, it is enough to register in online system by specifying an email address and password.

In iSpring Learn, you are able to train and test the employees remotely, track their results by the reports.
Solution features
Advantages for business
Auto-assignment of the courses
Online testing
Detailed performance analysis
Knowledge base
Individual learning paths
Service for webinars
Free mobile app
Calendar for a training planning
Integration with HR systems
Gamification and issue of the certificates
Communication with course author, coach
It will help to reduce the costs for the personnel training
Will increase the efficiency of the personnel training
Will automate the knowledge verification
Will help to form a personnel reserve
Will accelerate selection and adaptation of new employees
iSpring Suite Max
Designer of online courses, interactive tests, interactive simulators, video lectures, e-books and other materials for the distance learning.

Ready to use course looks like interactive learning game, works on phones, tablets, smartphones and shows detailed data on the progress of each student.
iSpring Market
Online platform for selling educational content. The functionality allows to organize the work of a "turnkey" online school without involving a large number of the specialists.

Built-in capabilities allow to customize the portal appearance, create training courses and promote them in the search engines, analyse traffic and visitor behaviour, build communication with the audience, analyse sales etc.
  • 1
    Courses sale show case
    iSpring Market works as an online store. As soon as you uploaded the course to the platform and set the price, it will appear on the showcase - main page of your online school. The client visits your website, chooses a course and pays for it.
  • 2
    Step-by-step training programs
    iSpring Market supports any content: video tutorials, webinars, podcasts, courses, articles, presentations, tests. You can sell each material separately or combine it into a training program.
  • 3
    Convenient services for accepting the payments
    The clients are able to pay for the course through the bank card or using Stripe, PayPal and Authorize online sales registers. The money will be credited immediately to your account. All the payment information will be saved.
  • 4
    Detailed sales analytics
    iSpring Market shows how much money each client has brought, which courses are in demand, and which are sold less actively and may need the improvement.
  • 5
    Training data
    iSpring Market will show how the user completed certain course: how many materials he studied, how much time he spent on it, what is his score.
  • 6
    Built-in chat
    iSpring Market has internal chat, just like in social network. You will always be in touch with the clients. They are able to write you a message and ask a question directly from their personal account.
  • 7
    Reviews and comments
    The clients are able to rate each course and write a comment. Positive feedback will help potential client to be bent on a purchase faster.
  • 8
    Viewing the courses, the students will receive badges, gain scores and compare their results with the successes of other students in the rating.
  • 9
    Issue of the certificates
    As soon as the client completes the course, the system will automatically issue personal certificate. Use ready to use templates or upload a certificate in your corporate style.
  • 10
    Mobile training
    The courses work on a computer, tablet and smartphone. As soon as the student has free time, he can listen to new lecture or pass a test even without Internet access.
  • 11
    SEO-promotion of courses
    The courses page will be indexed in Google and Yandex. Your clients will find them in the search engine by name. You will not have to spend money on advertising.
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