Creation, control and execution of tasks – all this is implemented in single
information space.

Tasks work in conjunction with other processes and independently of them. Detailed reports allow high-quality control over execution.
Task and assignment management
Automation of the assignment initiation
Assignments can be created from the assignment table filled in the file. Moreover, these assignments can be launched under various conditions.
Assignment management
The ability to set tasks both based on the documents and independent ones. Management of the task deadline. Creation of offspring and recurring tasks.
Periodic assignments
Creation of the assignments using a template specifying the fields values for the created assignment and the frequency of their creation (weekly, monthly).
Start of an assignment from a e-mail
Launching the assignment based on e-mail message.
Task and assignment management
Delegation and control of the execution of assignments
For the period of workplace absence, a substitute can be assigned for each employee in the system. The substitution mechanism is applied by managers to assign responsible employees to process documents for certain procedures as well.
Control of the assignment deadline. Various alerts for overdue assignments with the ability to notify managers through the hierarchy.
Reporting on assignments in the context of various filters (process, executor, author, project, etc.) with the accountability of the late performance. The report is uploaded to excel.
Automatic transfer of the assignment to the archive when making certain decisions in the parent document.
Performance discipline control
Substitute system
Automatic execution
Delegation and control of the execution of assignments
The described functionality is implemented as a result of the implementation of the WSS Docs system.
Completed projects
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