Electronic document management system based on MS SharePoint that automates all the standard document management processes.

Characteristics of Docs are high performance, reliability, ease of use, well-developed and powerful system functionality.

More than 400 companies have chosen WSS Docs to solve the document management automation tasks since 2010.
Key advantages for business
Increased reliability
The documents are stored in single information space, which massively increases reliability and confidentiality of information.
Improved discipline level
EDMS provides full control of all the work stages for the management, which ensures an increase in the performance discipline level.
Business processes transparency
The business becomes manageable. All the activities of the organization become completely controlled and transparent.
Reduced time consumption
Using EDMS significantly reduces the time spent by employees and managers for all the routine documentation operations: creation, approval, search and preparation of the works status reports.
Key advantages for business
What processes are included in the
in the out-of-the-box solution?
Preparation, approval, registration, mail-out
Outgoing documents
Preparation, approval, imposing resolution, execution
Office memo
Preparation, approval, registration, mail-out and execution
Orders and edicts
Approval and Reference data archives
Regulatory documents
New business processes and document types
By configuring WSS Docs, you will be able to create new business processes and document types, or change the logic of existing ones
Preparation, approval, registration, mail-out and execution
Minutes of meetings
Approval of additional agreements, execution control
Design, execution, confirmation
Approval and control over the execution of invoices
Payment orders
The user determines the composition of the approvers and the type of agreement, addressee, recipients of the mailing list
Document with free routing
Registration, imposing resolution, execution
Incoming documents
of popular additional modules
WSS Docs mobile apps
ASAN Imza electronic digital signature
In-line scanning
Electronic archive
Statistical report on the performance discipline
Integration with accounting (1C, SAP, Microsoft Navision, etc.) and banking systems
Document approval via E-mail
Solution features
Intuitive interface
Functional completeness
Customization options
Solutions for the holdings
Customizable approval, documents execution processes
Convenient and full-featured document management interfaces
Customizable document approval routes
Search and filtering
System warnings via email
Control over the performance discipline
Assistants system
Wide options for documents registration, documents numbering
Review of parent and associated documents, as well the entire document hierarchy
Work with documents files
Differentiation of the access to document files and cards
Fixing all the user actions and decisions related to a document in the decision history
Simple and intuitive document cards. "Minimizing clicks" principle
Intuitive and functional interfaces for working with a documents (both archived and current) list
Intuitive movement of the documents through the process, tracking status and history of the actions with a document
Control over correct information filling
Preview of the file with the ability to make a decision
Strict and flexible (user-defined) routes
Installation of assistants for each document type
Customizable directories, including hierarchical ones
Document cataloguing (one document is able to be located in different folders)
Setting up card fields, filter fields, views
Integration with Microsoft products, including Office, Active Directory
Reduced system administration costs, because SharePoint is a part of Microsoft infrastructure
The document management processes of branches or companies of the holding are able to completely coincide, or take into consideration the features of the work of the holding branch or company
Flexibility of role settings
Integration of incoming and outgoing correspondence
The scalability of the system allows more than 20 thousand users to work in the EDMS
Federated regime for the holdings
International class solution
with high performance and operation speed
A team of more than 100 developers works on the development of WSS Docs. The team constantly develops new functional modules that allow to expand already rich functionality of the system.

WSS Docs guarantees the system response time within 0.5 – 1.5 seconds. This exceeds the same indicator of the competitors by 2-3 times. But most importantly, this speed will not decrease, even if you upload 10 million documents to the system!
WSS Docs - for all the company divisions
  • Administration/ Management
    • Control over the execution of the tasks on all the document types
    • Expanded reporting on the performance discipline
    • Drawing up and approval of the minutes of meetings
  • Office / Document control department
    • Cases nomenclature and registration log keeping
    • Classification and registration of incoming, outgoing and internal documents
    • Making the resolutions, sending the instructions and monitoring their execution
    • Control over the location of the original documents and the issue of the paper copies
    • Preparation of the reports on the organization's document management
  • Legal department / HR department / Supply department
    • Drawing up, approval and storage of contracts and additional agreements
    • Approval of applications for the business trip and leave
    • Making and distributing the orders
    • Approval of applications for payment and control over their execution
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