Contract life cycle management: from the moment of its initiation to the control of execution.

Approval of contracts, accounting and storage, control of renewal, links with other types of documents, integration with an accounting or ERP system.
Facilitation of the preparation and reconciliation of the contracts
Flexibility in reconciliation
Generation of reconciliation routes both at the process level automatically and directly by the user manually. Both sequential and parallel reconciliation, as well as their combinations, are allowed.
Automatic activity
Formation of the draft contract thanks to the pre-configured templates and autocomplete function. Details, names of the counterparties and signatories, and other information are entered into the text of the contract automatically.
Contract history
Linking the contract to the primary documents. Control of execution, prolongation, expiration dates and other key dates.
Working with document files
The ability to attach any quantity of files to the document card and comment on the attached files. Version tracking and comparison for each attached file. Co-editing of Word documents.
Facilitation of the preparation and reconciliation of the contracts
Facilitation of the follow up implementation
Forward data transfer from the contract card (metadata and files) to the accounting system for financial transactions, as well as synchronization of the nomenclature of goods and services, counterparties and other necessary information.
Instant search for documents by filters configured for any fields of the card, including the content of the document files. At the same time, the ability to form specialized filters (for example, for delayed contracts).
Personalized alerts for each role with detailed information about the document and its status for any event in the document. The ability to process (decision-making) directly from the e-mail alert.
Contract implementation control from the document initiation till the issuance of delivery and acceptance certificate. Analytical reporting and maintaining registers of contractual documents.
Instant search and categorization
Integration with accounting systems
Control and analytics
Email alerts
Facilitation of the follow up implementation
The described functionality is implemented as a result of the implementation of the WSS Docs system.
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