Storage and registration of primary documents, e.g., accounting, contractual, HR and other documents. Single electronic archive is suitable for working with both paper and electronic documents.

Through integration, WSS Docs offloads information systems, freeing them from the unusual function of storing documents.
Paper-to-digital transition
Working with both digital and paper documents
Digitization of the existing paper archive, classifying by various features and tracking the original paper documents. As well as the control of the storage period of archival documents and their disposal.
Single platform
The solution covers processing of both the paper documents and the digital ones (containing a legal computer-generated signature).
Offloading of information systems, 'relieving' them from the unusual function to store documents.
Single app
The archive can be implemented as part of the main electronic document management system, or as part of a single app with the access of archivists only.
Paper-to-digital transition
Safety and scalability
WSS Docs Storage allows you to store more than 5000TB of documents (5 mlrd documents).
All key services can be distributed to wide area servers.
The system guarantees the safety and consistency of documents throughout their entire history in accordance with the policies and terms adopted by the industry or a given organization.
The WSS Docs-based system allows you to make plenty of changes (90%, on average) without any programming, or through the WSS Docs API.
The built-in input module supports online and office scanners, provides distributed document scanning, text and standard forms recognition.
Safety and reliability
Scalability and availability
The built-in scanning system
Safety and scalability
The described functionality is implemented as a result of the implementation of the WSS Docs system.
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