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AzerGold Closed Joint Stock Company was established based on the Order No. 1047 of February 11, 2015 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Mr. Ilham Aliyev. AzerGold CJSC is aimed at the study, research, exploration, management non-ferrous and ferrous metals deposits, manufacturing, processing and sale of these metals.
The prerequisite for the application of electronic document management system (EDMS) was the necessity in creation of single electronic database in which the documents would be created, approved and stored.
"Azergold" company needed a tool that would allow to transparently track the stages of execution of the tasks, monitor the progress of their implementation and reduce the time spent by the employees for finding necessary document.
As a result of thorough analysis of the solutions presented on the market, the company chose WSS Docs EDMS. The choice of the solution was influenced by performance, reliability indicators and user interface convenience.
The application of WSS Docs system solved the following tasks: single database of the documents was created, the documents approving process became efficient and transparent, performance discipline was improved thanks to applied control mechanisms, it was possible to significantly reduce the paper costs
"The application of WSS Docs system made it possible to increase the efficiency of the document approving process and significantly strengthen the control over the implementation of tasks. The system is highly efficient and scalable. We did not detect any critical malfunctions during the operation".

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Rashad Karimov
head of the ICT division
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