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"Ateshgah" Insurance Company has been providing high-quality service to the customers for more than 25 years, being an example of reliability, stability and openness of the business and has won love and trust of its customers and partners. Thanks to its innovative activities, the company remains one of the leaders in financial services sector, fighting for the preservation of cultural heritage of Azerbaijan, prosperous and environmentally friendly future of the country.
The management of "Ateshgah" company set automation of all the basic processes on the document management as main task: working with incoming / outgoing documents, organizing sending and transfer of executed documents to the archive; working with orders; generating reports and information about the execution of the orders.
During choosing a partner for the application of EDMS, the company considered several offers: both local and foreign. A working group was created in order to monitor and analyse all the systems. The selection criteria were both the cost of commercial offer and quality, speed of the system application, previous experience in implementing similar projects. As a result, "Ateshgah" chose WSS Docs solution by Do IT company.
Thanks to WSS Docs system, it was possible to reduce the time for approving all the documents by 2 times. The management of the company got the opportunity to monitor and control the approval by means of convenient reports. Financial documents and contracts archive was created, which allowed not only to structure all the existing documents, but also to ensure the security of access to them. This has become convenient tool for searching for documents, transferring expired documents to the archive area of EDMS.
"As a result of the application of centralized system, the company managed to optimize the office management processes, increase the efficiency of the document management, as well strengthen control over the execution of orders and contractual obligations. The choice in favour of "Do IT" was made due to the fact that the latter has significant experience in implementing similar projects in different sectors of the economy of the country. We thank our partner for excellent work and hope for further long-term cooperation".

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Azer Aliyev
Chairman of Management Board
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