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The bank has been operating on the market since 1989. Strategic goal of the bank is to create a brand that presents a wide range of the services to the customers in convenient ways and is guided by customer satisfaction, using the most advanced experience and innovations! The Bank has a network consisting of 15 branches covering Baku city and the regions of Azerbaijan.
On the one hand, the document management process in the bank is very diverse, on the other hand, the documents themselves have complex classification and a large volume. For effective organization of this process, the application of automated system was required. Reducing the time for searching and processing the documents used in the bank, minimizing the risk of losing documents, increasing efficiency by improving the control over the execution of the orders – these are main tasks that needed to be solved as a result of the project.
The user interface convenience and full compliance of the system's functionality with the bank's requirements are main reasons why WSS Docs system was chosen as a result of the tender for the purchase and application of electronic document management system.
The bank managed to reduce labour costs when working with the documents by 30%, as well to speed up responses to the requests for the documents selection by 50%. Besides, the organization has access to centralized document management now for 15 geographically remote branches.
"EDMS is already integral part of intrabank business processes. There are almost no employees in our bank who do not use this platform. All this was possible thanks to constant technical support of Do IT team. One of the main and the most important aspects that we appreciate in the specialists of this team is that, in addition to effective and high-quality implementation of any request, they make constructive suggestions for correct formation of the business process and select the most suitable solution for the customer."

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Naila Mirzabayova
Head of department of secretariat
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