About the customer
PASHA Bank, founded in 2007, is leading corporate bank of Azerbaijan. The bank provides all the main types of banking and financial services in Azerbaijan and regions, including investment banking, trade financing, asset management, as well full service set for small and medium-sized businesses. PASHA Bank is one of the largest private banks in Azerbaijan in terms of capital and asset levels.
The company applied a system that did not meet current requirements of the customer: the performance did not meet expectations, the processes were carried out manually.
New platform was chosen among local and foreign applicants. After careful analysis, WSS Docs system by Do IT company was declared the winner. Key advantages that made it possible to make a choice in favour of this system were reliability of the system, wide administrative opportunities, presence of strong and experienced local team, as well competitive price.
Project progress
The project covered key structural divisions of the bank (corporate secretariat, departments of HR, business processes, finance, information technology management) and was implemented in several stages:
Business analysis
During this stage, a number of interview meetings were held with key business customers by Pasha Bank, requirements were collected and technical task (TT) was prepared, describing in detail the business processes adopted for the automation within the project.
At this stage, the development team implemented the installation of the system in a test environment and the adaptation of the system processes in accordance with the requirements of the technical task, which took place in several iterations. In parallel, the work was performed on the integration of WSS Docs EDMS with other key bank systems – SAP HRM, Oracle-based corporate data warehouse and business intelligence system. As well complete migration of all the data from current electronic document management system to new one was implemented.
Testing and launching
The processes automated in EDMS were also launched gradually. First of all, the processes of finance management department were launched – contracts, additional agreements, procurement documents, statement and invoices. Next one was the processes of corporate secretariat and business processes management – incoming and outgoing documents, orders, instructions, regulatory documents. At the last stage, the processes of HR management department were applied and launched – applications for vacation and business trip.

Automated business processes

Systems with which integration has been implemented

"PASHA Bank OJSC cooperates with Do IT in the field of organizing and automating electronic document management. The company has established itself as a successful partner that has implemented a system that meets the latest requirements of the bank in the field of electronic document management."

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