Governance boards is an additional module for the WSS Docs system. It makes the meeting process easier and more transparent.

You will be able to prepare and coordinate the issues on the agenda while streaming, hold meetings with voting in the system and automatic protocol generation, as well as enter instructions in the protocol and monitor their execution.
Boosting the process of meeting preparation
Fast and transparent protocol generation
Autocomplete of the protocol text template based on the meeting results. The matrix of authorizers will also be formed automatically, depending on the governance board.
Quick agenda reconciliation
Configuration of the automatic lists of reconcilers depending on the type of issue and their manual editing, if necessary. All the comments of the reconcilers are reflected in the issue card.
Recording of reconciliation results
Voting takes place directly in the system, and the votes are counted instantly.
Formulation and monitoring of the assignments
Assignments can be shown directly in the meeting card. They will be reflected automatically in the protocol and business process of assignments for all participants: the formulating one, the executor, and the controller.
Boosting the process of meeting preparation
Facilitation of the process of holding meetings
Search for and view the materials of the meetings using the Calendar interface.
Agenda issues and materials, voting and protocol reconciliation functions are included in the mobile app and are available offline.
Follow-up of the meeting decisions, delimiting of the access to the agenda issues within the same protocol.
The system has flexible search filters – by question category, initiator, or date.
Attendance at meetings from around the world
Accessible and clear meeting guide
Search for the needed agenda issue
Follow-up of meeting decisions
Facilitation of the process of holding meetings
The described functionality is implemented as a result of the implementation of the WSS Docs system.
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