HR document


Automation of routine processes related to HR management.

Creation, approval, signing and storage of HR documents in single information database: hiring an employee, dismissing and transferring an employee to another department, organizing business trips and vacations, working with internal orders.
Optimizing human resources processes
Wide range of processes
All personnel document flow from a single interface, including recruitment, formation of orders, contracts, certificates, applications, dismissal, change of position and workplace.
Flexibility in reconciliation
Reconciliation of personnel documents within a single system with the ability to connect different personnel documents. Provision of a paperless personnel document flow using a encrypted and certified digital signature of ASAN Imza.
Control and analytics
Supervision of the implementation of personnel documents starting from the initiation of documents and financial transactions. Analytical reporting and maintaining registers of personnel documents.
Integration with the HR accounting system
Direct transfer of approved personnel documents to the personnel system via the integration mechanisms. Synching of the employees and organizational structure.
Optimizing human resources processes
Clean and user-friendly interface
The ability to attach any quantity of files to the document card and comment on the attached files. Version tracking and comparison for each attached file. Co-editing of Word documents.
Unified document cards for different processes. Preview of the document with the decision-making and setting of commitments. Commodity document processing. Customer-focused document categorization.
Personalized alerts for each role with detailed information about the document and its status for any event in the document. The ability to process (decision-making) directly from the e-mail alert.
Instant search for documents by filters configured for any fields of the card, including the content of the document files. Using filters when reporting.
Usable document management interfaces
Working with document files
Search and filter
Email alerts
Clean and user-friendly interface
Additional functionality
The system scalability allows more than 20 ths. users to work in the EDMS. We are ready to computerize the document flow in the holding's branches and companies for them to work in a single computer network and at the same time be independent.
For the period of workplace absence, a substitute can be assigned for each employee in the system. The substitution mechanism is applied by managers to assign responsible employees to process documents for certain procedures as well.
The iOS and Android-based mobile application allows you to read the document, agree or sign it just like that.
Forward integration with MS Office applications and domain infrastructure. Signing of documents with ASAN Imza EDS. Wide opportunities for integration with other systems (ERP, ABS, etc.)
Substitute system
Integration and EDS
Additional functionality
The described functionality is implemented as a result of the implementation of the WSS Docs system.
Completed projects
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