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Founded in 2004, Xalq Bank is one of the most dynamically developing universal financial institutions in the country, offering its clients modern and profitable services at a high level.
In their daily activities, bank employees work with a large number of documents and control the implementation of many business processes, in particular, such as managing external and internal correspondence, collegial bodies, organizational and administrative documentation, and personnel documents. In order to automate these processes, the bank's management decided to introduce an electronic document management system.
Our team proposed to implement a pilot project, which allowed the bank, on the one hand, to test the system in a real environment, and minimize the risks, time and costs of launching a full-fledged project, on the other. The pilot project was successfully completed, after which it was decided to implement a comprehensive project.
As a result of the project, the bank automated the main processes of working with business correspondence, managing orders, collegial bodies, personnel document flow, as well as managing internal documents. After 6 months of full-fledged work with the system, the bank's management decided to implement a project to integrate WSS Docs with the FlexCube automated banking system.
"During the implementation period, Do IT specialists demonstrated deep knowledge both in automating workflow processes (with the specifics of the banking industry) and extensive general engineering training, which made it possible to implement this system in the fail-safe configuration required by the bank and taking into account the existing IT landscape. We thank the management of the Do IT company represented by Elshan Babayev for their professionalism and wish them success in the implementation of future projects."

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Rumiya Mammadova
Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board
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Azerbaijan, Baku, 22, Tbilisi ave.,
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