"Veyseloglu" Group of Companies

About the customer
This is a group of companies specializing in retail, wholesale trade, distribution, logistics, and production with more than 20 thousand employees. The group includes companies such as the Ulduz chocolate factory, Veysaloglu LLC, Araz Supermarket LLC, OBA Retail Network LLC, Entree, Sirab, AVT Logistics and others.
Mainly document flow was carried out using paper media. The security of documents in the physical environment depended on the initiative, attention, care and knowledge of staff. This was accompanied by difficulties in the ordering and contract/protocol management process, as well as in managing incoming documents from the supplier.
Faced with the need to implement an electronic document management system, the management of the group of companies decided to hold an appropriate competition. Both local and foreign suppliers of information systems took part in the competition. The main criteria that the Customer relied on:
  • Functional completeness;
  • Convenience and simplicity of the user interface;
  • Possibilities for configuration and administration, because in the future, the customer planned to independently configure subsequent document flow processes.
  • Reputation of the supplier company and positive feedback from customers.
The winner of the competition, which most clearly meets the above criterias, was the WSS Docs system.


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