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PASHA Holding is one of the largest investment corporations in Azerbaijan. In few years since its inception on November 1, 2006 PASHA Holding extended its coverage over a wide range of industrial and financial activities - insurance, banking, construction, tourism and others. Currently, the holding is continuing to develop its accumulated strength. Investment portfolio of PASHA Holding group consists of the majority and minority shares in different business areas.
PASHA Holding decided to implement an electronic document management system in order to increase transparency and speed up document processing, create effective mechanisms for monitoring performance discipline and ensure quick search and access to documents.
The WSS Docs platform was selected as a result of a carefully conducted tender. The positive experience of using the system at PASHA Bank, which is part of the holding, as well as the pilot project proposed and successfully implemented by Do IT allowed the holding's management to make, as it later turned out, the right decision.
The holding automated the processes of incoming and outgoing correspondence, regulatory documents, and contract management. The result of the implementation of the WSS Docs platform was a single structured document storage with the ability to quickly search, reducing labor costs for routing and processing documents, increasing the level of performance discipline through the introduction of control mechanisms. It was possible to minimize the risks of loss and unauthorized access to documents and make document processing more transparent and controllable.
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