State Oil Fund of the Republic of Azerbaijan

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State Oil Fund of the Republic of Azerbaijan was established in accordance with the Decree No. 240 of December 29, 1999 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On the establishment of State Oil Fund of the Republic of Azerbaijan". It was created to ensure effective management of the funds received from the investors for exploration and drilling of oil and gas fields in Azerbaijan. Main task of the Fund is to professionally and effectively manage oil and gas revenues for the benefit of the country and its future generations.
The tasks assigned to the document management system were to create a management automation environment that provides necessary information for the decision-making, ensure the transparency of the processes of approving documents and executing orders. Technical data sheet describing the customer's requirements included not only basic functional requirements, but also special requirements on the information security in the field of data security and reliability.
As a result of the tender, Do IT company that presented WSS Docs solution won. All the processes required for the automation within the project were divided into 3 groups and applied gradually in accordance with their prioritization. Within the project, the integration with e-signature and Microsoft Navision ERP system was also implemented.
As a result of the application, it was possible to achieve prompt informing of senior and middle managers about new documents and progress of execution of the orders, transparency of the documents movement and possibility of effective control over the state of execution of the documents up to the level of final executors.

Reducing the time required for preparing the documents, simplifying the processes of approving, signing, registering and sending the documents thanks to eliminating the necessity to sign the paper copies of documents (using e-signature) were important results of the project. At the time of the completion of the project, 150 users were working in the system.
"Thanks to WSS Docs, we are able to manage all the large document flows (now they are very easy to find in the system), speed up the process of coordinating documents, as well as monitor the execution of tasks assigned to employees.
During the implementation of this project, Do IT specialists showed themselves as highly qualified professionals with in-depth knowledge of the product and rich experience."

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